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NEET 2017 INFORMATION राष्ट्रीय पात्रता व प्रवेश परीक्षा (यूजी)  NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG)

NEET INFORMATION DATESकेन्द्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड Central Board of Secondary Education


NEET(UG) - 2017


1.  Date of Examination, NEET - 2017     07/05/2017 (Sunday)

Submission of on-line application forms For Fee Through online Modes  31.01.2017 (Tuesday) to 01.03.2017 (Wednesday)

On-line correction of data in application form  The date will be intimated on website
Tentative date for uploading of Admit Cards on website* 15.04.2017 (Saturday)
Date of Examination, NEET(UG), 2017;- 07.05.2017 (Sunday)
Display of OMR Sheet*   The date will be intimated on website
Display of Answer Key*   The date will be intimated on website
Declaration of Result*   08th June, 2017(Thursday)

*For exact date, candidate may remain in touch with website.

FOR SC/ST/PH  Rs.750/-  (INR)

 4.     Time Schedule National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test NEET, 2017
(a)     Entry in the Examination Hall     7:30 AM
(b)     Checking of Admit Cards by the invigilator     7.30 AM to 9.45 AM
(c)     Distribution of Test Booklet     9.45 AM
(d)     Seal of the Test Booklet to be broken/opened to take out the Answer Sheet     9.55 AM
(e)     Latest Entry in the Examination Hall     09.30 AM
(f)     Test Commences     10.00 AM
(g)     Test Concludes     01.00 PM
 5.     Declaration of Results      By 8th June, 2017 (Thursday)
 6.     Material to be brought on the day of examination     Admit Card, Passport size Photograph and Post Card Size Photograph affixed on proforma.
 7.     Rough Work     All rough work is to be done in the Test Booklet only. The candidate will not do any rough work or put stray mark on the machine gradable Answer Sheet.
 8.     Use of Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only     Pen will be provided at the centre for writing of particulars on the Test Booklet and responses on the Answer Sheet

Disclaimer: This site is designed and hosted by NIC and the contents are provided by CBSE and they may be contacted for any further information.

DETAILS: - http://cbseneet.nic.in/cbseneet/information.aspx

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CBSE Conducts the Integrated NEET (UG)- 2017 Successfully CBSE has successfully conducted the prestigious National Eligibility cum Entrance Test NEET-UG- 2017 Exam on 7th May, 2017
from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm in offline mode across the country. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, by ordinance in June 2016, amended  Medical Council  of India
Act &  Dental Council of India Acts  and made the provision for integrated NEET for UG admissions for 95,000 seats (65,000 MBBS & 25,000 BDS) in all Government Medical Colleges, Private Medical Colleges & Deemed Universities in the entire country.

The seats are classified in the following categories: -

(i)All India Quota Seats

(ii)State Government Quota Seats

(iii)State/Management/NRI  Quota  Seats  in  Private  Medical  /  Dental  Colleges  or any Private/ Deemed University

(iv)Central Pool Quota Seats

Total NEET Seats: A total of 11, 38,890

students registered for this examination including 1522 NRIs, 480 OCIs,  70  PIOs    &  613  Foreigners.  This  exam  has  been  conducted  in  10  languages  at 1921 Exam Centres in 103 cities.
This test was conducted in following 10 languages:- HINDI ENGLISH GUJARATI MARATHI ORIYA BENGALI ASSAMESE  TELGU TAMIL KANNADA For  smooth  conduct  of  the  examination,  490  CBSE  Officials  were  deployed  in  all  103 Cities  to  personally supervise  the  examination  alongwith  3500  Observers  and  City Coordinators from CBSE affiliated Schools.

Candidates  have  taken  part in  NEET  with  full  zeal.  The  national  average  of  the candidates present in the NEET is about 95%. Presence of candidates in Srinagar was more than 97%.

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questions & doubts about neet 2017

Based on the queries received in CBSE’s Help Desk, information through following frequently asked
questions is being provided to facilitate
the aspiring candidates:

QUESTION:- 1.Aadhaar  Number   has   been   issued   to   me recently but when I am applying for NEET, it is showing  the  details  of  Aadhaar  of  candidates are not matching.  What to do to complete the application submission process.?

ANS- It  is  considered  that  your  Aadhaar  details have not been uploaded to the main server of UIDAI.      To   complete   the   form,   you   may submit    the    Aadhaar    Enrolment    Number
which  is  of  17  digits  in  place  of  Aadhaar Number.  Further, in the window “Selection Identification  Type”  select  Aadhaar Enrolment    Number    in   place   of    Aadhaar Number.

.I   have   made   the   online   payment   but   my confirmation page has not been generated.?
ANS:- Such   problem   occurs   because   of   drop   in connectivity from Banks’ server to the NIC server   on   which   NEET   website   has   been hosted.  In such circumstances, Banks’ servers
are  sending  the  message  to  NIC  server  2-3 times   a   day   to   ensure   that   the   dropped communication   cycle   is   completed.      Once your  payment  communication  is  reaching  to the  NIC  server,  you  will  be  able  to  generate the  confirmation  page.    You  are  advised  to wait  for  24  hours  if  such  problem  has  been faced by you.

QUESTION:-3. What to do in following cases:
a)Ihave given wrong e-mail ID & correct mobile number
b)I have given correct e-mail ID  & wrong mobile number
c)I have given both e-mail ID & mobile number wrong In case  of (a) &  (b), you would be  able to get the   SMS   and   e-mail   respectively   for   all communicatio
n sent to you by the CBSE from issuing  the  one  time  password  to  any  other information.In  case  of  (c),  mistake  committed  by  you cannot  be  rectified.    Hence,  candidates  are
advised   to   ensure   correct   e-mail   ID   and Mobile   Number   for   registration   on   NEET website to get the information timely sent by the CBSE.

4.What to do in following cases:

a)Candidate   is   of   reserved   category, mentioned as General and paid higher fee
b)Candidate    is    of    general    category, mentioned  as  reserved  and  paid  less fee.
a)When  option  tocorrect  category  will be given by the CBSE, such candidates can    correct    their    category    from General Category to Reserved Category.
b)Such candidates will also correct their category   as   per   details   given   (a) above.        They    also    need    to    pay difference of fee tothe CBSE through online process.

QUESTION:-5.In my State, my category is “XYZ” which is not coming in the NEET option.  “XYZ” category candidates  are  given  reservation  in  my  State.  How  I  will  be  eligible  for  the  reserved  seat against  XYZ category  as  this  is  not  coming  in NEET application.

ANSWER:-CBSE is collecting only following categories:
1 UR, 2. OBC, 3. SC, 4. ST Such    candidates    will    apply    against    the registration   for   counseling   in   their   State.  During registration,  all desired information as
per     eligibility/reservation     rules     of     the concerned    State    will    be    collected    and accordingly  merit  list  will  be  prepared  by  the State Admitting Authorities based on All India
Rank issued by CBSE.

QUESTION:-6.I  am  from  Uttar  Pradesh  but  residing  in  Delhi from  past  10years.    What  should  I  fill  in  the Column “State  of  Eligibility  (For 15%  All India Quota)”.

ANSWER:-Such   decisions   need   to   be   taken   by   the candidates    themselves.        However,    it    is clarified  that  such  candidates  can  apply  for counseling  in  both  Uttar  Pradesh  and  Delhi and  during  the  counseling,  his/her  eligibility for  the  85%  Quota  seats  will  be  checked  by the  State  Admitting  Authorities  and  if  he  is found   eligible,   he   will   be   given   admission otherwise not.

QUESTION:-7.One  candidate  is  falling  under  OBC –Creamy layer  but  thesame  candidate  is  eligible  for OBC  quota  under  State  Quota  system  in  the concerned  State.    Please  clarify  whether  the candidate should fill his category as Unreserved  or  OBC  category  while  filling  the NEET-2017 application form.

ANSWER:- Such   decisions   need   to   be taken   by   the candidates    themselves.        However,    it    is clarified   that   the   candidate   will   apply   for counseling  in  the  concerned  State  by  giving the  Category  applicable  in  the  State.    His eligibility  for  the  85%  Quota  seats  will  be checked  by  the  State  Admitting  Authorities and  if  he  is  found  eligible,  he  will  be  given
admission against reserved category otherwise not.

QUESTION:-8.I  have  appeared  in  AIPMT/NEET  in  the  year 2015  and  2016  and  now  I  have  again  applied for  NEET-2017.    Will  NEET-2017  be  my  third attempt?

ANSWER:- No. NEET-2017  will  be  considered  as  first attempt.

QUESTION:-9.My  daughter  will  be  appearing  in  NEET-2017 from  Uttarakhand.    There  are  XX%  secured seats  for  Uttarakhandi  girls  in  MBBS  course  in Uttarakhand.    Is  my  daughter  eligible  for  the same?

ANSWER:- If your daughter is found eligible by the State Authorities   for   the   XX%  secured   seats   for Uttarakhandi girls in MBBS then they can give the  admission  otherwise  not.   It  is  advised  to first  confirm  their  eligibility  from  the  State Government    and    then   you    submit    your application accordingly.

QUESTION:-10.My  daughter  is  residing  in  Kuwait  and  she does    not    have    Aadhaar    Card.        What information is to be  provided against  Aadhaar Number.?

ANSWER:-In  case  of  NRI,  they  are  supposed  to  provide the passport number and not the Aadhaar.

Ask any doubts to :- http://cbseneet.nic.in/cbseneet/welcome.aspx

Date:  13.02.2017


It  has  been  reported  to  the  CBSE  that  some  candidates belonging  to  the  State  of J&K have submitted the “Self Declaration”by mistake while filling the ONLINE application form of NEET-
2017 to the fact  that  they  are  not  eligible  for  MBBS/BDS  seats  in  their  State. Followingis  brought  to  the  notice  of such candidates:

1.J&K,  Andhra  Pradesh &  Telangana states have  opted  out  from  15%  All  India  Quota  seats.  Accordingly, candidates of these States are not eligible for All India Quota seats.
2.There are following two kind of candidates submitting NEET application form from these States: 
a.Candidates originally from  these  States  who  are  eligible  for  100%  seats  of  their  States.
These candidates are not required to fill the “Self Declaration”.
b.The  candidates whoare  notfrom  these states  but  residing  there  because  of  the posting  of their parents, etc.  These candidates are not eligible for the seats of J&K, Andhra Pradesh &
Telangana.These candidates are required to fill the “Self Declaration”.
3.Candidates at S.No.2(a) those have wrongly submitted the “undertaking”are being informed that in  no  case  their  candidature  for  100%  seats  of  their  State  is  going  to be affected.    They  are eligibleeven  after  submission of “Self  Declaration” for  seats  of  their  state subject  to  the applicable rules of their State.
4.The candidates filling up the application forms are advised to adhere to the following instructions:

a.When  selecting  State  of  Eligibility  (For  15%  All  India  Quota)  in  online  application,  they  will select the name of their State, i.e., J&K or Andhra Pradesh or Telangana.
b.The  next  window  will  be “Self-Declaration  upload  as  per  rule”.      The  candidates  of  these States {Sr.No.2(a) above} will select “NO”.
c.This  will  take  them  to  normal  submission  of  application  where  they  need  not  to  fill  the “undertaking”.

5.Candidates   at   S.No.2(a)   those who have   wrongly   submitted   undertaking   will   register   for Counselling in   their   State   as   and   when   registration   is   started   by   the   State   Counselling Authority/Admitting Authority.

6.Additionally,    it    is    also    informed    to    the    candidates    that    all    the    State    Counselling Authorities/Admitting Authorities will announce for the registration for Counselling based on NEET result for the seats under their jurisdiction .  The candidates those are eligible for a particular State may  register  for  counseling.    The  concerned  authority  will  verify  their  eligibility  and  permit  the candidates for admission.

7.Candidates  are  once  again  requested  to  read  the  following  documents  carefully  for  correct submission of application form:
a)Information Bulletin hosted on website
c)Frequently Asked Questions

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JIPMER 2017 Notification

JIPMER 2017 Notification Apply Online MBBS

JIPMER 2017 notificationJawaharlal Institute of of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research - JIPMER 2017


src="http://www.jipmer.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/logo11.png" title="" /> JIPMER 2017 SCHEDULE MBBS


  • Online Registration Opening Date:- 27-03-2017 (Monday)
  • Online Registration Closing date;- 03-05-2017 (Wednesday)
  • Date of JIPMER 2017 Entrance Exam:- 04-06-2017 (Sunday)
  • First Counseling/Allotment of Seats;- 27-06-2017 (Tuesday)
  • Second Counseling Wait List Allotment of seats;- 19-07-2017 (Wednesday)
  • JIPMER third Counseling date;- 23-08-2017 (Wednesday)
  • Date of Closing MBBS Admissions;- 30-09-2017.
  • JIPMER Reserves the right to change/alter any of the dates
  • Authentic info;- http://jipmer.edu.in/education/examinations/
JAWAHARLAL INSTITUTE OF POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION & RESEARCH(An Institution of National Importance Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India)
Dhanvantari Nagar,  Pondicherry-605 006.
No.JIP/Dean(A)/EE-MBBS/2017 Dt:18.02.2017

It  is  informed  that JIPMER being  an  Institute  of  national  importance (Act   of   Parliament)   under   the   Ministry   of   Health   and   Family   Welfare, Government of    India    have    been
EXEMPTED from NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG)  (NEET-UG) for admission to MBBS Course in JIPMER, Puducherry The    prospectus    has    been    uploaded    in    the    JIPMER    website (www.jipmer.edu.in)  which  contains detailed  information  of  important  dates, test,  syllabus,  eligibility criteria  to  appear/admission,  reservation,  examination fee, cities of examination,
Age etc. (Kindly click the following link to see the MBBS Prospectus –MBBS Prospectus 2017)
Details  of Online  Application  User  Interface with  screen  shot will  be hosted  in  the  website separately on 27.03.2017at  11:00  AM.Students and Parents are, therefore, advised to regularly visit the website for updates.

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research originated as École de  Médicine de Pondichérry established by the French Government in the year 1823.This medical school was converted into Dhanvantari Medical College at the time of de facto transfer of Pondicherry to Government of India.

This Medical College was later upgraded into Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER).

JIPMER which includes a tertiary care referral hospital is an Institution of National Importance (an autonomous body) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Three main functions of this institute are,

    To impart quality education in Under-graduate and Post-graduate medical and paramedical courses;
    To set trends in medical research and
    To offer patient care of high order.

Jawaharlal  Institute  of  Postgraduate  Medical  Education  and  Research,  Puducherry  (JIPMER)  under Government of India since the year 1956, is one of the leading Medical Institutions of India. Spread over a sprawling about 192.2 acre campus in an urban locale of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry), JIPMER is 170 kms by road from Chennai.

JIPMER has been declared as an Institution of National Importance by a Parliamentary Act, i.e. JIPMER, Puducherry, Act, 2008. A copy of the Act was Gazette notified on 14-7-2008 to enforce this Act. Prior to this the Institute was functioning under the administrative control of Directorate General of Health Service, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi.

The Institution is now empowered to award Medical Degrees, Diplomas, etc., under the clauses 23 & 24 of the said Act. Such Degrees / Diploma, etc., shall be deemed to be included in the schedules to the respective Acts governing Medical Council of India, Indian Nursing Council and Dental Council of India, entitling  the  holders  to  the  same  privileges  as  those  attached  to  the  equivalent  awards  from  the recognized Universities of India.

JIPMER imparts Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG) and Super speciality Medical Training through a working hospital (JIPMER Hospital) with a bed strength of 1500 and a Nursing College.  M.B.B.S., B.Sc. M.Sc., M.D., M.S., Degree Courses are offered in 32 various disciplines. Super speciality departments of Cardiology,  Neurology,  Cardiothoracic  Surgery,  Neurosurgery,  Urology&  Neonatology,  Clinical Immunology,  Clinical  Pharmacology,  Clinical  Haematology  and  Surgical  Gastroenterology  also  offer D.M./M.Ch. Courses.  Fellowship courses are available in four disciplines.   Full-time Ph.D. Programmes are available in six disciplines.

JIPMER aims to provide high quality learning environment for those undertaking taught and research degrees awarded by JIPMER in the Faculty of Medicine. Teaching and Training for M.B.B.S. Degree at JIPMER  is  focused  on  health  improvement, disease  prevention  and  cure  as  well  as  fundamental understanding. All medical graduates must meet the core outcomes set by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

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NEET 2017 Apply Online


NEET 2017 Apply OnlineNEET-2017

NEET 2017 Apply Online                                     to be conducted by the

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

As  per  the  Indian  Medical  Council  Act-1956  as  amended  in  2016  and  the  Dentists  Act-1948  as  amended  in  2016,  online  applications  are  invited  for

For admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in India in Medical/Dental Colleges run with the approval of Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India except for the institutions established through an Act of Parliament i.e. AIIMS and JIPMER Puducherry.

Admissions to all seats of MBBS/BDS
courses will be done through "NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG), 2017". The seats are classified in the following categories:
(i) All India Quota Seats
(ii) State Government Quota Seats
(iii) State/Management/NRI Quota Seats in Private Medical / Dental Colleges or any Private/ Deemed University
(iv) Central Pool Quota Seats


For Indian citizens and ordinary residents of India Aadhaar Number is a requirement to fill up the online application of NEET-2017 in all States except J&K, Assam and Meghalaya. 

For NRIs, Passport Number is the mandatory requirement for filling up of the online application of NEET-2017

For Foreign Nationals, Overseas Citizen of India (OCI’s), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO’s) Passport Number is the mandatory requirement for filling up of the online application of NEET - 2017.

At the time of filling application form of NEET– 2017
, the candidates will have to enter their AADHAAR number, name, date of birth & gender and hereby give their consent to CBSE to validate the information provided by them with the UIDAI’s data base. In case, these particulars do not match, the candidate will not be able to fill the application form of NEET-2017. Therefore, the candidates are advised to ensure that their AADHAAR card has  correct  details  of  their  name,  date  of  birth  &  gender  as  per  school  records.  If there  is  some  mismatch  in  these  details the  candidates  should immediately get it corrected in AADHAAR data or school records, as the case may be. 

Regarding requirement  of AADHAAR a  separate PUBLIC  NOTICE is  being  published  and  also  hosted  on  website.
Candidates  may  follow-the instructions given therein. 


The NEET  (UG)  shall  consist  of  one  paper  containing  180  objective type questions (four options with single correct answer) from Physics, Chemistry  and  Biology  (Botany  &  Zoology).    The duration  of  paper would be 03 hours from 10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.


  1.  Indian Nationals, Non Resident Indians (NRI’s), Overseas Citizen of  India  (OCI’s),  Persons  of  Indian  Origin  (PIO’s)  &  Foreign Nationals are eligible for appearing in  the NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG), 2017.
  2.  The candidate must have completed age of 17 years at the time of admission  or  will  complete  the  age  on  or  before  31st December, 2017   i.e.      the   year   of   his/her   admission   to   the   1st year M.B.B.S./B.D.S. Course.
  3. The   upper   age   limit   for   candidates   seeking   admission   in MBBS/BDS seats shall be 25 years as on the date of examination with   a   relaxation   of   5   years   for   candidates   belonging   to SC/ST/OBC category.
  4. The   number   of   attempts   which   a   candidate   can   avail   at NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG) shall be limited to 3 (Three) uniformly for all the candidates.
  5.  The  candidate  must  have  passed  in  the  subjects  of  Physics, Chemistry,  Biology/Bio-technology  and  English  individually  and must  have  obtained  a  minimum  of  50%  marks  taken  together  in Physics, Chemistry  and  Biology/  Bio-technology  at  the  qualifying examination.    In  respect  of  candidates  belonging  to  Scheduled Caste/Scheduled  Tribes  or  Other  Backward  Classes,  the  marks obtained  in  Physics,  Chemistry  and  Biology/Bio-technology  taken together  in  qualifying  examination  be  40%  instead  of  50%  for General  candidates.    Further,  for  persons  for  locomotor  disability of  lower  limbs,  the  minimum  of  45%  marks  for  General-PH  and 40%  marks  for  SC-PH/ST-PH/OBC-PH  are  required.  Those  who are  appearing  in  Class  XII  examination  in  2017  can  also  appear for  the  entrance  test  provisionally  subject  to  their  fulfilling  the conditions later.

For Candidates of Unreserved Category (UR) born on or between 08.05.1992 and 01.01.2001
For Candidates of SC/ST/OBC Category born on or between 08.05.1987 and 01.01.2001

NEET 2017 Exam Date: 7thMay, 2017 (Sunday)

SCHEDULE AND FEE DETAILS Schedule for on-line submission of application forms 31.01.2017 (Tuesday) to 01.03.2017 (Wednesday) (Till 00.00 midnight)

Last date for successful final transaction of fee 01.03.2017 (Wednesday) (Till 00.00 midnight)



  1. An All India merit list and All India Rank of the qualified candidates shall be prepared  on  the  basis  of  the  marks  obtained  in  the  National  Eligibility-cum Entrance Test and candidates shall be admitted to MBBS/BDS courses from the said list only by following the Existing Reservation Policies.
  2. All admission to MBBS/BDS courses within in the respective categories shall be  based  solely  on  marks  obtained  in  the  National  Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test.
  3. All  other  existing  eligibility  criteria  for  admission  to  Medical/Dental Colleges shall be applicable as per Rules and Policies of the State/UT/Institution/University concerned.


  • CBSE will provide All India Rank.  Result will be given to DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India to provide the same to admitting authorities.
  • Admitting  authorities  will  invite  applications  for  counselling  and  merit  list shall be drawn based on All India Rank by the admitting authorities subject to their applicable rules.


Candidates,if need be, may take the assistance of Common Services Centres for  filling  up  the  application  form.  The  details  of  the  common  services  centres are given on the website

The   Information   Bulletin   containing   detailed   information   of   test,   syllabus, eligibility  criteria  to  appear/admission,  reservation,  examination  fee,  cities  of examination,  State  Code  of  eligibility,  Age. etc.    is  available  on   website:- www.cbseneet.nic.in

Candidates  may,  therefore,  check  all  the  details in  the online Information Bulletin before submission of application form.

:: HOW TO APPLY:for NEET 2017 ::

  • Candidates can apply ONLY ONLINE.
  • Online submission of application may be made by accessing the Board’s website; www.cbseneet.nic.in
  • Instructions  for  submitting online application and payment of fee are available on website.
  • Candidates may remit the fee in the following manner:
     a.Through any Debit/Credit Card
     b.Net Banking/UPI   or

.e-wallets of different service provider ADDRESS & CONTACT DETAILS The Deputy Secretary (Examination), National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Unit, Central Board of Secondary Education,Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar,  Delhi - 110 092

Website;-  www.cbseneet.nic.in
Email;- neet.cbse@nic.in
Phone No. –011-22041807, 011-22041808,
Fax No.-011-22509251
Toll Free No. -1800118002,
Mobile No. -9599590192,9599590193

Ask any Doubts in Comment Box 

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